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Laboratory of Microcomputer Systems

Address: University of Maribor
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Smetanova ul. 17 SI-2000 Maribor Slovenia

Head: Prof. Dr. Zmago Brezocnik
phone: +386 2 220 7 210
fax: +386 2 220 7 272

The first activities that led to the foundation of this laboratory started in 1983. Currently, it has nine full-time employed members.

After the foundation, the laboratory was primarily engaged in basic research in the area of formal specification and verification of reactive and concurrent systems. In the last years, it also does research and development in the area of Voice over IP technology. In the area of formal methods, the laboratory is engaged in developing efficient tools for automatic verification of hardware and software systems, proposing new specification methods and using existing ones for well-known and novel kinds of concurrent systems. In the field of VoIP we are engaged in application research and development of NGN (Next Generation Networks). In cooperation with the Slovenian telecommunication company we have been actively involved in development of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and MGCP (Media Gateway Protocol) products.

At the national level, some of the laboratory members participated in a larger basic research project "Distributed Communication System" and carried out basic research projects "Formal Verification of Systems" and "Ensuring Correctness of Parallel and Distributed Systems", which were all funded by predecessors of Ministry of Education, Science, and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia. In the last years, the laboratory is engaged in the basic research program "Advanced Methods in Telecommunications", funded by the ministry.

At the international level, some of the laboratory members participated in the COST 247 project "Verification and Validation Methods for Formal Descriptions". A member was involved in European Union projects DETECH ("Development of the Department for Technology Supported Distance Education") and VISIOCOM ("Video-supported Online Communities"), and participates in project BITEMA ("Bilingual Teaching Material for the Deaf by Means of ICT").

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