Biddy is a multi-platform academic Binary Decision Diagrams package.

  • Biddy is free software released under GPL.
  • Biddy supports ROBDDs without and with complemented edges.
  • Biddy supports 0-sup-BDDs without and with complemented edges.
  • Biddy supports TZBDDs (tagged form of 0-sup-BDDs).
  • Biddy supports automatic garbage collection and sifting algorithm.
  • Biddy is oriented towards readable and comprehensible source code in C.
  • Biddy is used in EST, a tool for formal verification of systems.


  • bddview is a pure Tcl/Tk script for visualization of BDDs.
  • bddview is a graph viewer only and does not use a BDD package.
  • bddview has been released into the public domain.

    BDD Scout

  • BDD Scout is a demo application demonstrating the capability of Biddy and bddview.
  • You will need Tcl/Tk + BWidgets to run it.
  • You have to install Graphviz to be able to visualize BDDs created by Biddy.
  • You have to install Ghostscript to be able to export BDDs as PNG images and PDF documents.


  • If you are new to BDDs or just very curious about theirs properties, check out the BDD Encyclopedia.
  • If you want to try BDD Scout, download it. Statically linked program should run even if Biddy library is not installed on your computer (and it will not use your Biddy library if you have one). Deb and rpm files include dynamically linked program, thus you will also need appropriate libbiddy and extensions packages.
  • If you want to make your own project using Biddy, you need the development version of Biddy.
  • If you try to run a program which uses Biddy library, but you do not have it, download the binary version of Biddy. It contains Biddy library, only.
  • If you are interested in changing Biddy library, download the complete source code of the Biddy project, which includes sources of bddview, sources of BDD Scout, and also various makefiles and packaging scripts.
  • The latest sources can be obtained from Savannah SVN repository.
  • You can fork this project on
  • Bugs can be reported via author's email or through Savannah portal.
  • Ubuntu users, please use ppa:meolic/biddy.
  • Windows users, please check Biddy in Visual Studio projects.
  • Ask for packages of other types or for other systems and we will generate it.


  • Here is a HTML documentation produced by doxygen.
  • Here is a PDF documentation produced by doxygen.
  • Here are examples demonstrating the usage of Biddy library in C projects: biddydemo1.c, biddydemo2.c.
  • Here is a not-so-trivial biddydemo3.cpp demonstrating the usage of Biddy library in C++ projects.

    External links

  • R. Meolic. The Biddy BDD package. 2019
  • R. Meolic, Z. Brezocnik. Flexible job shop scheduling using zero-suppressed binary decision diagrams. 2018
  • T. van Dijk, R. Wille, R. Meolic. Tagged BDDs: Combining Reduction Rules from Different Decision Diagram Types. 2017
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  • Biddy the Hedgehog - an unrelated, but nevertheless interesting project!

  • Screenshots from BDD Scout v1.8.1

    An annotated screenshot from BDD Scout 1.8.1

    The zoom-out capability allows you to see the whole BDD

    You can move nodes and subgraphs

    The results of IFIP benchmark test


    BDD Scout

    BDD Scout extensions

    BINARY VERSION (64-bit)
    biddy-1-8-2-Win.msi (Visual Studio)
    biddy-1-8-2-Win.exe (MINGW)

    biddy-dev-1-8-2-Win.msi (VS)
    biddy-dev-1-8-2-Win.exe (MINGW)


    bddscout-1-8-2-Win.msi (VS)
    bddscout-1-8-2-Win.exe (MINGW)

    Statically linked packages include all extensions.

    LINUX PACKAGES (64-bit)

    On MS Windows, *.msi files are produced using Visual Studio, *.exe files are produced using MSYS2 + MINGW. Advanced Installer granted us a free licence for producing nice setup files. THANKS!

    BRA (Best Reordering Algorithm)

    IFIP (IFIP Benchmarks)

    BDDTRACES (BDD Traces)

    Biddy v1.8.2 has been released on Dec 21, 2018, and includes BDD Scout v1.8.2 and bddview v1.3.

    This version of Biddy was produced by Robert Meolic ( at University of Maribor, Slovenia.